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Meet Our Board
Of Directors

One of the most valuable assets for a not-for-profit organization is a Board of Directors composed of dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled trustees who understand the work of the organization and are effective in carrying out varied roles, responsibilities and functions. Below you will find a list of the current Ocean Wise ® board members.

Vancouver Aquarium



Barbara Atkinson

Christian Baxter

Guy Dean 

Rizwan Gehlen (Treasurer)

Janet Landucci

James Lyman

Marian MacFarlane

Shelley-Mae Mitchell

Barbara Meens Thistle

Derral Moriyama (Vice-Chair & Secretary)

Randy Pratt (Chair)

David Rebak

TJ Schmaltz

Scott Shepherd

Keith Spencer

Dixie Sullivan 

John Webster


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

A jelly is made up of up to 96 per cent water.
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